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Hand Engraving Artist
Steve J. Lindsay

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Steve Lindsay's engravings are cut by hand under a microscope. The layout and designs of the engravings are first drawn with pencil and the design is then cut under the microscope. 24k gold is used for inlays. Generally, knife engraving prices range from $3,000 (for scroll on a medium sized interframe folding knife without gold inlays), to $32,000 to $55,000 (for elaborately engraved Lindsay designed and made folding knives).  Please visit the engraving gallery to view some of the engraving work.  

Steve grew up in the back of his father's jewelry store, learning the skills of gold and metal working. His father is a recognized watch maker and gemologist.  Steve's great grandfather was an engraver and jeweler, and his grandfather was a landscape painter.  Steve says the art and design part of the engraving is the most enjoyable.  Steve attended Southeast community college in Milford, NE and majored in tool & die and engineering.  He has been a full time engraver since 1979. 

Steve began hand engraving at the age of 12 under his father's guidance.  In 1975 he had the opportunity to meet James Meeks, author of the book "The Art of Engraving", in his home and studio.  In 1976 he met John Rohner, co-inventor of the GRS Gravermister in his home and studio.   Around this same period Don Glaser, the other co-inventor of the GRS Gravermeister, visited Steve's father concerning tools.   Steve's father created numerous  tools to aid in engraving. One of them in 1972 set Steve up with a stereo gem microscope over an X,Y positioning slide ball vise.   The microscope setup was later shown to and taken up by Lynton McKenzie.  In 1977 Steve was honored to have Lynton McKenzie visit to enjoy pheasant hunting as well as help with engraving techniques.  Mr. McKenzie helped Steve with engraving in those earlier years as he did so many other engravers.  Steve's father most influenced Steve in engraving by inventing and making so many of the tools and processes still used today. Other people that influenced and still influence Steve in his engraving career are Dick Hodgson, Jack Busfield, Steve Hoel,  SR Johnson and Buster Warenski, six of the world's top custom knivemakers.  Others include, Steve's high school art teacher, Steven Wilkie, and college tool & die teacher, Al Carter.  Steve's work is sought after by private collectors as well as museums throughout the world.  He has worked for several notable companies as an engraving consultant,  including the largest US manufacture of designer sunglasses.

Steve has been working with several new knife folder designs and mechanisms. These are screw together folders with all screws and pins hidden. The screws are accessed by reaching inside the bottom edge of the knife. The locking mechanism is also new. Many thanks to friend Barry Trindle for preliminary help with this mechanism. The lock bar is hidden inside, making the top edge of the knife completely engravable.  Here is a link to one of the designs.  Rather than taking orders for these knives, pieces are posted for sale on the engraving page as they are finished. Collectors who are interested in these knives can be notified by email when a piece is posted for sale, if they request notification.

Currently Steve is not accepting additional engraving work on other makers' knives. This is to allow him to concentrate on the venture described above. Perhaps at a later date, Steve can again begin taking engraving orders on other makers' knives. However, if you have a need for a small engraving project, i.e. engraving a name in a fancy font, designing and cutting a small scroll design or an unusual small or large project, please e-mail.

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Email:  slindsay@lindsayengraving.com
Web:  www.lindsayengraving.com

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